The Thomas Akin Beaty Plantation


The Rev. Thomas Akin Beaty was the son of John Beaty III and Elizabeth Mary Prince, daughter of Nicholas Prince. There is a tall monument to him in Kingston Presbyterian Church cemetery which says he was a minister of the Methodist Episcopal Church for 25 years.

The property in Floyds Township must have been the family home since his widow was buried in the Beaty Cemetery nearby in 1875.

Angelina Shaw Beaty, the youngest daughter of Dorcas and Thomas Akin Beaty, who also appears to be buried in the Beaty Cemetery was married to William Henry Buck, a brother of the Henry Buck who settled Bucksport and Bucksville. Why she is buried as a Beaty and not as a Buck, I can’t say. One of her two children who died in infancy is memorialized by a beautiful little statue in Kingston Cemetery. It is very similar to the one which memorializes two small daughters of Thomas W. Beaty. None of Angelina’s children survived to adulthood.

Thomas Akin Beaty (b. 14 Oct 1798, d. 17 Oct 1853) m. Dorcas (Chestnut) Johnson (3 Mar 1791- 12 July 1875) on 13 Feb 1825. Their children: Thomas Wilson Beaty SC Senator, etc., lived in house on Kingston Lake Margaret Dorcas Beaty m. William I. Graham, sheriff of Horry District, lived near Hickory Grove John Robinson Beaty lived in big house corner 6th and Main St., Conway Mary Fletcher Beaty m. Jackson Jones Martha M. Beaty also m. a Jones *James Congdon Beaty m. Melvina Serena Grissette, d/o R. G. W. Grissette. Two of her sisters were married in succession to J. W. Holliday. Annah Beaty d. in infancy Angelina Shaw Beaty m. William Henry Buck, brother of Henry Buck

The homes of Thomas Wilson Beaty, John Robinson Beaty, and Margaret Dorcas Beaty Graham were all large structures built by ships carpenters from Maine.

James Congdon Beaty (1833- ) inherited the land in Floyds Township from Thomas Akin Beaty. James C. Beaty conveyed the land to his son *Lewis G. Beaty on 28 Oct 1878. In the 1880 Census James C. and his wife were living in Floyds with four children, ages 11-18. I don’t know his date of death nor place of burial.

Lewis (or Louis) George Beaty, whose first wife was Anne Plowden and second wife was Nolie Hughes, lived in Charleston. Although he received this land from his father, he decided to remain in Charleston. He gave power to attorney to his uncle, Thomas W. Beaty, an attorney of Conwayborough, (Conway) who sold it to Rey Worley on 27 January 1881. The deed, recorded in Horry County Deed Book U, p. 299, conveyed 450 acres for $1100. The land was located north of Lake Swamp and a mile from the Playcard to Nichols Road. It is described as bounded by lands of John Williamson, Noah Shelley, Joseph Beaty, Arnold G. Strickland, Benjamin Mincey, and John S. Elliott.

Between 1835 and 1848 Rev. Beaty put together parcels of land on the north side of Lake Swamp which totaled more than 1100 acres. At the same time he was purchasing land in other widely scattered parts of the county. He was also buying and selling slaves.

His brother, Col. James S. Beaty who was known as the “King of the Republic,” was elected sheriff in December 1833 and served 1834-1838. During his term TAB purchased at the courthouse steps on sales day the following first two parcels.

There were 200 acres which had been seized for debt of $53 owed to Thomas A. Beaty by Penelope Avant. He paid $4 for it. This land was part of a grant to John Lambert made 15 March 1770 and of another grant to Thomas Floyd made 7 June 1802. The Lambert grant would, of course, have been a royal grant because it occurred before the American Revolution. The deed from Sheriff James Beaty to Thomas Akin Beaty was dated 12 Mar 1835. (See Horry County Deed Book, B-1, p. 556.)

As for the 509.5 acres on Cartwheel Bay seized from Prudence Johnson (Johnston), deceased. He paid $12 for it. Part of the land was from a grant to Thomas Lloyd dated 7 June 1802 which Prudence Johnston inherited from Samuel Johnston 26 Nov 1824. Another part was from a grant to Samuel Foxworth dated 7 Jul 1794 and another from a grant to Richard Lewis dated 6 Feb 1815. The deed from Sheriff Beaty to Thomas A. Beaty was dated 18 Jan 1837.

On 27 May 1839 Thomas Akin Beaty purchased from Gilbert Johnson 200 acres of land which was originally granted to John Lambert 10 Oct 1769 (pre-Revolution). Gilbert Johnson inherited it as parcel #4 of the estate of his father, Samuel Johnson. (Horry County Deed Book L, p. 421)

On 14 Dec 1842 Thomas Akin Beaty purchased 201 acres from Hugh R. Johnson for $75. It is described as the middle portion of a Wm. Hemingway plat of 897 acres made 4 May 1801. (Horry County Deed Book L, p. 422)

On 28 August 1848 Thomas Akin Beaty purchased from G. L. Johnson one acre for which he paid $5.00. This land had been granted to Joseph Graham, Sr., and inherited by James Graham. It then passed through the hands of “various persons” to G. L. Johnson. It is described as the land on which G. L. Johnson “now lives”. This suggests that the $5.00 purchase included a house which was in existence in 1848. The witnesses to this deed are Sam C. Johnson and Elizabeth Chestnut. (Horry County Deed Book L, p. 423)

The last three deeds were finally recorded in Conwayborough in November, 1849. There are a lot of other transactions in Beaty’s name, but I have included here all I found described as being on the north side of Lake Swamp. They total 1111.5 acres. If you were to look at the descriptions of these, you could probably determine which the lands Rey Worley purchased were. Since there was always some variations in acreages when land was resurveyed, it may be that two parcels of Lambert land, both pre-Revolutionary War grants and so granted in the name of the king, constituted the 450 acres sold to Rey Worley. This is pure speculation on my part, but would account for the tradition of a royal grant.

In 1850 The Rev. John H. Beaty, a brother of Thomas Akin Beaty, was living somewhere close by. He is listed in the Census that year between Abraham King and Alfred Inman. His second wife was the widow Lucy Booth Dorman. Thomas A. Beaty is shown between W. I. Graham and C. E. Ludlam.

To further illustrate the connections with prominent families, Thomas Akin Beaty’s youngest sister, Mary Harriet, married Timothy Cooper. One of her daughters, Adeline Cooper, married F. G. Burroughs and another, Laura, married B. G. Collins, the principals in the firm of Burroughs & Collins. These women would be first cousins of James C. Beaty, who inherited the Worley farm.

G. W. Grissette was a SC state senator. Two of his daughters in turn married Joseph W. Holliday of Galivants Ferry. A third married James C. Beaty who inherited the Worley farm.



Here are more of the Horry County Records.

53 Thomas S. King to Maria King, his wife, permission to become sole and separate trader. $100 paid by Silvius Sweet. 22 May 1823. S/ Thomas S. King, Maria King, Silvius Sweet. W/ Henry Durant, Martha Durant. Receipt for $100 by Thomas S. King. 22 May 1823. Recd. 7 Jun 1823. 56 Joseph Jenkins set free olf negro man named Sambo 1 Nov 1816. W/Wm. Johnson (Johnston), Joseph Lewis S/ Joseph Jenkins. Recd 4 Feb 181757 Abimblick Williams, Sr. to son Abimblick Williams, Junr. $250. 500 acres (upper part of 4,000 acres gr. to William Timmons) NE side of Little Pee Dee River, bd. by Daniel Pipkins, George Skinner, land claimed by Sothern Alford, John Williams, land sold to William Sineath by R. Wm. Timmons. 22 Jan1816. S/ Abimelek Williams. W/ John Manning, Francis Sineath. Aff. John Manning 30 Oct 1817. Recd 30 Oct 1817.

58 Thomas Maye to John Thompson. $50. 100 acres (part of gr. to John Cox, 20 Jul 1792) S side Buck Creek at Camp Br. 2 Oct 1815. S/ Thomas Maye, Elizabeth Maye. W/ Jacob Johnson, Spicey (x) Thompson. Aff. Jacob Johnson 5 Jul 1817. Recd 13 Oct 1817.

James Woodward, Senr., planter to James Woodward, Jr. $100. 300 acres W side of Waccamaw River, bd. by river, William H. Gregory’s land, M. Smith, unknown, Richard Green. 7 Apr 1817. S/ James Woodward, Sr., Mary (x) Woodward. W/ David Williams, Benjamin Singleton. Aff: Benjamin Singleton 2 Jun 1817. Recd 2 Jun 1817.

60 John Skipper, planter, to Redick Skipper. $50. 100 acres (part of gr. to Constantine Newton 3 Oct 1719 (!), sold to John Skipper 12 Oct 1811) NE side Little Pee Dee River on Chinners Sw., bd. by Abraham Skipper, Arthur Skipper, rest of large tract. 20 Mar 1813. S/ John (x) Skipper. W/ Allen Allen , _____ Johnston, Sam Lewis. Aff: Samuel Lewis 6 Oct 1817.

61 Willis Rawls to Thomas Gerrall. $700. One negro boy, Elick, age 18. 16 Sep 1819. S/W. Rawls, Margaritte (x) Rawls. W/ Samuel Floyd, Minr., Arthur H. Crawford. Aff: Samuel Floyd 24 Sep 1819. Recd 25 Sep 1819.

Bryant Jernigan to John Grainger. $410. 400 acres (part of two tracts: 50 from 300 acres surv. for David Page 25 Sep 1784; 350 from 600 acre tract surv. for David Page 16 Apr 1788, adj. plantation where David Page formerly lived) NE side of Drowning Creek near Gapway Sw. on Poplar Branch, a br. that runs through John Rawl’s plantation. 20 Sep 1817. S/ Briant (x) Jernigan. W/ David (x) Jernigan, Goldesberry Grainger. Aff: Goldesberry Grainger 27 Jan 1818.

63 Willis Rawls to Thomas Garrell. $600. [315 acres total] 100 acres on S side of Lake Swamp (gr. to John Woodbury, Sr.) and 67 acres (part of gr. to James Dawsey) plus tract on S side Lake Sw. 148 acres. 17 Mar 1814. S/ Willis Rawls. W/ John Graham, Samuel Graham. Aff: John Graham 14 May 1818. Recd. 14 May 1818.

64 Samuel Floyd to dau. Ara. GW/a. Negro girl Edith. 12 Apr 1818. S/ Samuel Floyd. W/ Francis Floyd, Cornelius Floyd. Aff: Frs. Floyd 12 Apr 1818. Recd 14 May 1818.

65 [Joshwa Stephens & Mary (x) Stephens, his wife] receipt to Elisha Tillman for interest in estate of Archibal Stewart, decd., requesting Joseph DeWitt, adm. of estate, to settle with Tillman. S/ Joshwa Stephens, Mary (x) Stephens. W/ William Mikelduff, John Tillman. Aff: William McKelduff 13 Apr 1818.

Receipt of Elisha Tinor to Joseph DeWitt, Jr., adm. of estate of Arch_d_ Stewart, for negro wench Patience, drawn by Joshwa Stephens in division held this day, also 2 head of cattle, by name Whiteback and a calf and cow named Harp. S/ Elisha Tinor. Recd 14 May 1818.

Joseph Jenkins, Esqr. to James Ellis of Columbus County, NC. 825 acres in different tracts: 100 acres (part of 350 acres gr. to Thomas Jenkins 14 Jul 1771); 12 acres (part of 150 acres gr. to Ruben Hardsfield); 46 acres (surv. 18 Mar 1816 for Joseph Jenkins); 332 acres (part of 2777 acres gr. to Moses Floyd 5 Sep 1791); 104 acres (gr. to Joseph Jenkins 1 Apr 1793), all NE side Little Pee Dee River N side of Chinners Sw. 15 Oct 1816. S/ Joseph Jenkins. W/ Josiah Lewis, Willis James. Aff: Josiah Lewis 16 Mar 1818. Recd. 14 May 1818. [plat drawing]

68 Abraham Page to John Grainger. Mortgage for $104.25, due 1 Jan 1820. 837 acres in 2 surveys: 500 on NE side of Drowning Cr. near head of Poplar; 337 acres NE side of Drowning Creek, S side of Gapway Sw. Tupelo Br. 24 Mar 1818. S/ Abraham Page. W/ B. Buffking, Goldsberry Grainger. Aff: Benjamin Buffking 5 Sep 1818.

69 Thomas Wallace, cooper to Zecariah Allen, planter. $50. 130 acres (part of 1,000 acres gr. to Josiah Lewis 2 Dec 1805), bd. by John Jordon, Zecariah Allen. __ Jul 1818. S/ Thomas Wallace. W/ John Mishoe Jr., Jonathan Baker. Recd 20 Jun 1818. Aff: Jonathan I. Baker 25 Jul 1818. Recd. 18 Jul 1818.

70 Elizabeth King to dau-in-law Jain [Jane] Branton. L/A. [Livestock and household goods] 1 Jul 1818. S/ Elizabeth (x) King. W/ Richard Green, Joel Bishop. Recd. 23 Jul 1818. Aff: Richard Green 13 Jul 1818.

71 Alexius Mador Forster of All Saints Parish, Horry Dist. to Solomon Sessions of Georgetown. $1,390. [603 acres in tracts lying between Little River and the Atlantic Ocean in Frinks Neck] 247 acres (formerly owned by Alexander Dunn, decd., bd. by G. Dwight, Atlantic Ocean & marsh, Vard Forster, Little River), 200 acres, bd. by land formerly belonging to estate of Harris & Harrot, the Sound. 156 acres, bd. by Little River, land owned by Tomas Clarday. 25 Aug 1817. S/ Alx_s_ M. Forster. W/ Josias T. Sessions, James C. Darby. Dower: Elizabeth Forster, wife. 20 Apr 1818. S/ Eliza A. Foster. Recd 23 Jul 1818.

72 Josiah Lewis. Stock mark: poplar leaf in left ear & slit and underbit in right, which mark I have given 30 years or more. 18 Sep 1818. Recd 18 Sep 1818.

73 Elizabeth King to dau-in-law Mary Brunton. L/a. [Livestock and Household goods] 13 Jul 1818. S/ Elizabeth (x) King. W/ Richard Green, Joel Bishop. Recd. 23 Jul 1819. Aff: Capt. Richard Green 13 Jul 1818.

Richard Garrell to Joseph Vaught. $700. One negro woman Handy. 23 May 1818. S/ Richard Gerrel. W/ D. M. Edge, Thomas D. Todd. Aff: Daniel M. Edge 28 Jan 1819. Recd 12 Mar 1819.

74 James Smith, Jr., planter, to Thomas Smith, Snr. $125. 200 acres (part of 400 gr. to Col. William Walles known as Macks old field, conv. to sundries & lastly bought by James Smith, Jr.) 24 Jan1818. S/ James Smith. W/ J. B. Bruord, Samuel Sellers. Aff: J. B. Brouard, Jr. 17 Oct 1818. Recd 29 Oct 1818.

75 Lydia Rials to children Handy Rials, Daniel Rials, William Rials, Biggars Rials and Mary Main. [Division of goods] Brother Daniel Chestnut appt. guardian. 5 Jan 1818. S/ Lidian (x) Rials. W/ Thomas Thompson, Isaac Ludlam. Aff: Thomas Thompson “saw Lidia Barnhill” sign. 23 May 1818. Recd 25 May 1818.

76 Sarah Tomkins, Snr., widow of Sarah (sic) Tomkins, late of Horry Dist., decd., Elizabeth Tomkins, Zilphah Lewis, William & Susannah Newton, & Sarah Tomkins, Jr., heirs of Israel Tomkins, decd. to William Tomkins. Quitclaim to 100 acres on Brunson Sw., his share of estate. S/ Sarah Tomkins, Elizabeth Tomkins, Zilphah Lewis, William Newton, Susanah Newton, Sarah Tomkins. W/ Josiah Lewis, James Booth. Aff: Josiah Lewis 7 Sep 1818.

77 James D. Ellis to William Gore. $50. 200 acres in 2 tracts: Hickman’s tract in Brunswick Co., NC; tract bd. on John Standland’s land, purchased at Sheriff’s sale. 21 Mar 1818. S/ James D. Ellis. W/ Wm. D. Bryan, Thos. S. Clardy. Aff: Thomas S. Clardy 13 Oct 1818. Recd 29 Oct 1818.

79 Rebakeh Green to Wm. Gore, Sr. One negro man named Friday. 3 Mar 1813. S/ Rebekah Green. W/ Joseph H. Atwater, William D. Bryan. Aff: Wm. A. D. Bryan 17 Oct 1818. Daniel Thompson to William Gore. $350 “some years past”. Negro woman Affy. 17 May 1815. s/ Daniel Thomas. W/ Lydia Green, Thomas Frinks. Aff: Thomas Frinks 19 Oct 1818. Recd 22 Oct 1818.

81 Elizabeth Bigelow of City of Charleston to William Gore. $125. 500 acres in All Saints Parish, bd. by William Gore, William Bryant. 3 Jun 1816. S/ Elizabeth Bigelowe. W/ J. B. Brouard, John Julius Gause. Aff: J. B. Brouard 17 Oct 1818.

82 Thomas Singleton of Georgetown Dist. to William Gore. 60 pounds sterling. 100 acres Cedar Cr. branch of Little River (gr. to James Elkes, conv. to James Stanland, to Thomas Singleton) bd. by Spears, John Vaught, Masters Hankins, Cyprian Begelow. 5 Jun 1816. S/ Thomas Singleton. W/ William D. Bryan, Josias Bessant. Aff: William D. Bryan 17 Oct 1818.

83 Daniel Thomas to William Gore. $700. Negro boy about 7 named Tom, girl named Polly, about 5. 2 Oct 1818. S/ Daniel Thomas. W/ Thomas Smith, Wm. D. Bryan. Aff: Wm. A. D. Bryan 22 Oct 1818.

84 Daniel Thomas to William Gore, Sr. $400. One negro man Cleor. __ ___ 1815. S/ Daniel Thomas. W/ Lydia Green, Thos. Frink. Aff: Thos. Frink 27 Oct 1818.

85 Daniel Thomas, formerly of Horry Dist., to William Gore, planter. $400. One negro boy about 15 named Jacob. 13 Mar 1816. S/ Daniel Thomas. W/ Josiah Bessent, Jonathan J. Gore. Aff: Jonathan J. Gore 12 Oct 1818.

86 Benjamin Buffkin to John Grainger. Mortgage for $155 due 1 April 1818 [sic]. 188 acres on fork of Tupelo Br., bd. by Wm. Hill and [stock and goods] 1 Apr 1818. S/ B. Buffkin. W/ Samuel Grainger, Goldsberry Grainger. Aff: Samuel Grainger 15 May 1817.

87 Dennis J. Standland and James Standland, farmer to Elias Standland, planter. $60. 10-0 acres on Waccamaw, bd. by James Smith, Jr., Bigelow, Robt. Daniel (formerly Jacob Stanley, Sr.). 2 Feb 1818. S/ Dennis (x) J. Standland, James (x) Standland. W/ A. R. Smith, Jacob J. Standland. Aff: A. Smith 13 Apr 1818.

88 Samuel Johnston to John C. Grainger. $300. One small negro girl Silva. 20 Oct 1818. S/ Samuel Johnston. W/ Felix Powell, Gilbert Powers. Recd 27 Oct 1818.

John Litchfield and Mary Brown, Ebenezer Singleton, trustee. Marriage settlement concerning property from the will of her grandfather John Singleton, now in possession of her mother, Mary Brown, Sr. S/ John Litchfield, Mary (x) Brown, Ebinezer Singleton. W/ William McKilduff, John (x) Brown. Recd. 2 Nov 1818. Aff: John Brown 23 Jun 1819. Recd 23 Jun 1819.

90 Daniel Kirton to James D. Ellis. $75. 400 acres (part of 1500 gr. to William Skipper 1 Aug 1791) E side of Little Pee Dee in Gunters Islands above Black’s Bluff. 9 Sep 1818. S/ Daniel Kirton. W/ Thomas Kirton, Wm. James Ellis. Recd. 13 Aug 1819. Aff: Thomas (x) Kirton 31 Jul 1818.

Daniel Kirton to James D. Ellis. $23. Land on road from Galivants Ferry to Chinners Sw. bridge, bd. byJoseph Jenkins, Orchard’s old field. 9 Sep 1818. S/ Daniel Kirton. W/ Wm. J. Ellis, Thomas Kirton. Recd. 13 Aug 1819. Aff: Thomas (x) Kirton 31 Jul 1819.

91 John Cosway, planter, to John Brunson, planter. $100 for 200 acres, land surv. for Wm. Hendrick on Todd Sw. 17 Dec 1818. S/John Causey. W/Joseph Hardee, Benjamin Milligan#. PS/21 Dec 1818. Recd 21 Nov(!) 1818

92 Josiah Lewis to grandson Josiah Lewis Roberts. Stock mark: 2 underbits in each ear. 2 Sep 1819.

Josiah Lewis to grandau. (Matilda) Mataldyene Lewis. Stock Mark: a slit and underbit in each ear. 6 Sep 1819.

Samuel Garrell to William McQueen, Junr. $200. Negro girl Esther Johann. 15 Oct 1812. S/ Samuel Garrell. W/ Daniel McQueen, Daniel Johnston. Aff: Daniel Johnston 15 Oct 1812. Recd 2 Nov 1819.

93 Willis Rawls to John Hall. $300. Negro boy Tom. 3 Nov 1812. S/ W. Rawls. W/ John Harlee, William McQueen. Aff: William McQueen 5 Nov 1819. Recd 5 Nov 1819.

94 James Graham to wife, Elizabeth. Gw/a. All land & household goods, certain slaves. To dau. Jane, slaves; to dau. Maretia, slaves; dau. Elizabeth, slaves; son John, claves; son William, slaves, dau. Sarah Ann, slaves. 6 May 1817. S/ James Graham. W/ William H. Grice, John Gunter. Aff. Wm. H. Grice. 22 Oct 1817. Recd 5 Nov 1819.

95 William T. Elsworth of All Saints Parish to Arthur R. Smith. $35. 100 acres W side Inyed (?) Br., bd. by Arthur R. Smith, Bigelow, province line. 22 Aug 1818. S/ William T. Elsworth. W/ Wm. A. D. Bryan, John Bellamee, Senr. Aff. William A. D. Bryan 2 Nov 1818. Recd. 29 Oct 1818.

96 John (x) Paul. Stock mark: swallowfork and underbit in each ear. 25 Nov 1818. Recd. 25 Nov 1818.

Isaac Skipper to John Gunter. $24. 25 acres (pt. of 450 acres gr. to James Dawsey 5 Sep 1791) NE side Little Pee Dee River. 23 Oct 1819. S/ Isaac Skipper. W/ Peter Skipper, Jr., Duke Skipper. Aff. Peter Skipper, Jr. 20 Nov 1819. Plat.

97 Survey of 25 acres (pt. of tract of 450 acres gr. to James Dawsey 5 Sep 1791) NE side of Little Pee Dee River. 21 Oct 1819. S/ Josiah Lewis, D. S. Recd 2 Nov 1819.

Willis Rawls to Thomas Garrell. $700. Negro boy Elick, age 18. 16 Sep 1819. S/ W. Rawls, Marguritte (x) Rawls. W/ Samuell Floyd Min_r_., Arthur H. Crawford. Aff. Samuell Floyd 24 Sep 1819.

98 John Thompson to Jonathan Linnell, survivor of Linnell and Winslow. $99.61 mortgage for debt. 500 acres (gr. to Wm. Moye 1 Jul 1801, sold by Benjn. Moye to William Smith, Jr. 15 Jan 1815, by said Smith to Thompson) on Little Buck Cr, less 100 acres sold to Edward Conner. 16 Jun 1820. S/ John Thompson. W/ P. Vaught, John Harris, Jr. Aff. P[eter] Vaught 17 Jun 1820. Recd. 17 Jul 1820.

99 Daniel Vareen, All Saints Parish, planter, to William McHelduff. $55. 200 acres on Long Bay, bd. by est. of John Holmes, Mr. Withers. On death of Mrs. Mary Vereen, widow of my brother Charles Vereen, who left me the land by his will. 16 Aug 1817. S/ Daniel Vereen. W/ Masters Russ, T. Hemmingway. Recd. 6 Mar 1820. Aff. T. Hemingway 17 Apr 1818. Dower: Ester (x) Vereen, wife of Daniel Vereen. 3 ___ 1818. Recd. 6 Mar 1820.

100 James Gramham to wife Delisle during widowhood, then to heirs [not named]. L/gw/a. 407 acres where I now live”, [slaves, livestock, kitchen and household furniture, work tools]. 8 Apr 1820. W/ William Gramham, Robert Gramham.


This list was taken from the Horry County, SC Deed Book C-1 CONVEYANCES 1811-1837, 1849

1 Atlantic Coast Lumber Co. Bill of sale & assignment. Special Master and others. Samuel Norris Purchaser [Book RR Page 500, 7 Sep 1903] Indenture, George H. Moffitt, Special Master, first part, Freeman S. Forr, Alfred P. Thom & Edward J. Hawthorne, Receivers of ACL, second part, ACL, third part, Samuel Norris, purchaser, 4th part. $50,000 and assumption of outstanding debts. S/all parties. W/Charles Mac Veagh, Allen Wardwell.

19 Samuel Norris to Atlantic Coast Lumber Corporation. [Book RR, p. 520] Bill of sale and assignment. $1 and other valuable considerations. All assets conveyed in Masters sale. 20 Aug 1903 W/Hall Park McCullough, Vivian Spencer.

27 Jane Cawsey, Senior, widow, to Josiah Lewis. $400. 2000 acres purchased by Zebedee & Owen Causey from Josiah Lewis 13 Jan 1807. 24 May 1814. w/Owen Causey, Samuel Lewis. S/ Jane (x) Causey.

28 Statement by John Beaty, Senr, and John Mishoe Senr that they witnessed conveyance of title to land on Brown Swamp that Zebedee & Owen Causey purchased from Josiah Lewis. 30 Dec 1816.

29 Moses Barker, Senr. L/a to son Moses Barker, Junior. 100 acres (upper part of 200 acre tract sold by Absalom Sessions to Moses Barker, part of 900 acres sold by James & Thomas Atkins to Jacob Volk, Jr.) on SE side of Kingston Lake Sw. 20 Nov 1816. S/Moses (x) Barker. W/John Durant, Thomas Durant. AFF. Thomas Durant, Jr. 27 Sep 1817. Recd 13 Oct 1817.

30 Moses Barker. Senr. L/a to son-in-law Robt. Anderson, dau. Mary Anderson, his wife. 100 acres (lower part of 200 acres, see above] SE side Kingston Lake Sw. 20 Nov 1816. S/Moses (x) Barker. W/ John Durant, Thomas Durant. Aff. Thomas Durant 27 Sep 1817. Recd 13 Oct 1817. 31 N. Dennis. Stock mark: swallowfork in each ear and underbit in one ear. 13 Oct 1817. S/N. Dennis. Recd 13 Oct 1817.

John Paul. Stock mark: swallowfork and underbit in each ear. 13 Oct 1817. S/ John (x) Paul. Recd 13 Oct 1817.

Abraham King, Snr. of Georgetown District to James Prince. ____ Pounds Sterling. 100 acres on Pleasant Meadows Sw. (granted to John Edwards 24 Jun 1793) S/ Abraham King, Esther King. W/ Isaac Skipper, Abraham King. Aff. Abraham King, Jr. 7 May 1794. Recd 13 Oct 1817.

32 James Prince and Ruth Prince. $125. Quitclaim to Nicholas Prince, Senr. Tract on Pleasant Meadow, surv. for John Edwards. 24 Apr 1801. S/ James (x) Prince, Ruth R. Prince. W/ Rd. Todd, John Smithart. Aff. Rd. Todd 30 Jul 1801. Recd 13 Oct 1817.

33 James Smith, surveyor of Brunswick Co., NC, to Nicholas Prince of Prince George Parish, Kingston Dist., SC. 17 pounds sterling. 169 acres (gr. to James Smith 2 Jul 1787) in Georgetown Dist., bd. SE by William King, other by vacant lands S/ James Smith. W/ Wm. (x) Davis, James (x) Prince. Aff. James (x) Prince 25 Aug 1791. Recd. 13 Oct 1817.

34 William Richardson, Sen. to Richard Singleton. $150. 575 acres (gr. to Josiah Lewis 4 Jul 1803) lying on NE side of Little Pee Dee River in Gunters Islands on Millers Grave Sw, Boggy Sw, Blacks Bluff. 26 May 1817. S/ William Richardson. W/ Robert R. Sessions, A. Jordan, Jr. Aff: Robert R. Sessions 26 May 1817. Dower: Mary (x) Richardson, wife of William Richardson. 2 Jun 1817. Recd. 13 Oct 1817.

36 Charity Reynolds. Deed of gift for l/gw/a to dau. Annis Reynolds. $200. 14 Oct 1817. S/ Charity Reynolds. W/ Samuel (x) Causey, Isham Reynolds. Aff: Isham Reynolds 13 Nov 1817. Recd. 13 Nov 1817.

37 Robt. Daniel to John B. Watson of NC. Mortgage for $300, due 1 Nov 1817. One negro man named G. Buss, about 25. 22 May 1817. S/ R. Daniel. W/ Wm. D. Bryan, J. P.

Promissory note R. Daniel to John B. Watson $300. 22 May 1817. Promissory note R. Daniel to John B. Watson $10.50. 22 May 1817. Aff: Wm. D. Bryan 14 Jun 1817.

38 Amelia Hankins to Robert Daniel, Jr. $400. Negro man Sam. 14 Oct 1815. S/ Amelia Hankins. W/ John Bessent, Jr. Aff: John Bessant, Junr., All Saints Parish. 17 Oct 1815. Assigned to Joseph Watts. __ Sep 1817. Recd. 21 Nov 1817.

Charles Skipper to John Mains. $25. 100 acres (part of tract of 500 acres gr. to Charles Skipper ;7 Jul 1?00. 14 Oct 1817. S/ Charles Skipper. W/ John (x) Lamb, Sory (x) Redman. Recd 18 Dec 1817. Aff: John Lamb 10 Dec 1817.

39 John Beaty, Sheriff, to Richard Singleton. $25. 300 acres [Josiah Collins’ old field in Socastee], sold for debt to William Johnston of $30 plus $6.15 ¾, damage & costs). 3 Oct 1814. S/ John Beaty. W/ John B. Conway, Henry Durant. Aff: John B. Conway 2 Feb 1815. Recd. 21 Dec 1817.

41 Spicey Thompson to John Thompson. $125. 375 acres (part of gr. of 1,000 acres to John Cox, 1792, on Buck Creek Sw.), bd. by Ann Cox, John Thompson, Olivers Camp Branch, Stephen Faircloth. 20 Feb 1818. S/ Spicey (x) Thompson. W/ James G. Cochran, Edward G. Conner. Aff: Edward G. Conner 9 Mar 1818. Recd. 10 Mar 1818.

42 James Barnhill to Linnell & Winslow of Mass. Mortgage for $130 on 253 acres and livestock due 25 Dec 1818. 30 Mar 1818. S/ James (x) Barnhill. W/ James Edge, Elijah Crosby. Aff: James Edge 30 Mar 1818. Recd. 6 Apr 1818.

43 Reuben Tomkins to brother William Tomkins. L/gw. [Livestock]. 15 May 1809. S/ Reubin Tomkins. W/ Samuel Lewis, Susannah Lewis, Elizabeth (x) Tomkins. Aff: Samuel Lewis 1 Apr 1818. Recd 13 Oct 1818.

44 Magdilena Larymore to dau. Duesdemoney Larymore. L/a/gw. 139 acres on which she resides on Socastee, plus [livestock and household goods]. __ ___ 1818. S/ Magdelena (x) Larymore. W/ Philip Elkes, James Holmes. Aff: Philip Elkes 24 Oct 1818. Recd. 29 Oct 1819.

Matthias Vaught, Jr. to son John Vaught. L/a. [Livestock, household & kitchen furniture]. 12 Oct 1818. S/ Matthias Vaught. W/ John Thompson, Jordan (x) Hughs. Aff: John Thompson 14 Nov 1818. Recd. 20 Nov 1818.

46 Nathaniel Bell of Jefferson Co., GA. to John Bellamy, Jr. $350. 247 acres on Little River (formerly owned by Alexander Dunn, decd.) bd. by John Bellamy, Little River, Atlantic Ocean and marsh (formerly owned by Alexander Dunn; his widow Hannah, now Hannah Bell, wife of Nathaniel Bell, and Alexander and Horace Dunn, inf. sons, dying without issue intestate). S/ Natha_l_ Bell. W/ Richard Green, Sr., Wm. Gore. Aff. Wm. Gore 18 Nov 1818. Recd 20 Nov 1818.

47 James Altman, Sr. to John Maining. $100. 100 acres (orig. gr. to Martha Jayroe 2 Jul 1792) on NE side Little Pee Dee River on Dwights Sw. 30 Oct 1818. S/ James (x) Altman. W/ S. G. Singleton, Isaac Ludlam. Recd. 20 Nov 1818.

48 Drury Pitman to Benjamine Dorman. $40. 150 acres (part of tract gr. to Hardy Garrett 7 Aug 1797) on Howton Branch, Cow Camp Branch. 19 Mar 1813. S/ Drury Pitman. W/ John C. Grainger, John McPherson. Aff: John C. Grainger 11 Oct 1815. Recd 20 Nov 1818

49 George B. Smith and Charity, his wife. Separation and divorce. 17 Apr 1819. S/ George B. Smith, Charity (x) Smith. W/ R. R. Sessions, Joseph Sessions.

50 Thomas S. King & Maria King, his wife, marriage agreement; Silvius Sweet, trustee. 400 acres, bd. by David Durant, Joseph Durant, James Singleton, bethel Durant & John Durant, plus [slaves, livestock, and property of Henry Durant, minor, son of Maria King by previous marriage. 22 May 1823. S/ Thomas S. King, Maria King, Silvius Sweet. W/ Henry Durant, Martha Durant. Aff: Henry Durant 6 Jun 1823.


First Presbyterian Church Graves


Here are a few pictures of Silas Johnstone Duffie, William Koon Duffie, Elise Duffie Schoville McCutcheon, Jack Miller Scoville, SR., Mary Isabella Koon Duffie, Mary Bellamy Duffie.

These graves are in the First Presbyterian Church Cemetery which is located on Marion Street in Columbia, SC






Horry County Family Bible

James Calvin Bryant
Family Bible

 MarriagesJames C. Bryant of Horry Co., S. C. m. Nancy S. Mincy 5 Oct 1866 at bride’s father’s. Rev. Matthew R. Martin.
Mandy M. Bryant and John A. McDermott, 31 Aug 1887
Francis E. Bryant & J. Q. Graham, 13 Feb 1890
Eva Mae Bryant and Dan W. Hardwick, 5 May 1909
Nancy A. Bryant and A. F. Cannon, 27 June 1907

BirthsMandy M. Bryant 17 Oct 1867
Simpkons D. Bryant 2 May 1869
Francis E. Bryant 20 Jany 1871
James A. Bryant 27 Jany 1873
Waren C. Bryant 8 Feby 1875
Eva Mae Bryant 19 Jany 1877
Jennie E. Bryant 27 June 1879
Nancy A. Bryant 22 Feb 1881
James C. Bryant 8 Mar 1843
James B. McGougan 2 May 1901

DeathsMandy M. McDermott 11 Sept 1889
Johnnie A. McDermott 29 Nov 1889
C. Maud McDermott 12 Sept 1894  aged 6 years 39 mo & 4 days
Jennie E. McGougan 9 July 1901
Nancy S. Bryant, wife of James C. Bryant 13 May 1914 in her 70th year
James C. Bryant 12 May 1916 in his 74th yr.
Eva Mae Bryant Hardwick 23 Aug 1946 in her 70 yr.

Abbeville History

Town of Abbeville

Abbevile Town Square


The original site of the town of Abbeville was a spring used to supply a secured post, built by Andrew Pickens in the late 1760s. The town gained its name from the county in which it is located. In 1792 South Carolina placed its upcountry powder magazine and arsenal in Abbeville, and the town was incorporated in 1832. The early residents were lawyers, merchants, and planters, many of whom built elegant town houses in addition to their plantation homes. The Abbeville Bar was chiefly known for a distinguished member by the name of John C. Calhoun, who began his law practice in Abbeville and made his initial political speech there in 1807.

While uninvolved with the fighting during the Civil War, Abbeville nonetheless played a significant role in the conflict. On November 22, 1860, Abbeville hosted one of the first secession meetings in the state at a site later known as Secession Hill. J. Clark Allen, who was from Abbeville was killed accidentally on Sullivan’s Island on February 13, 1861, possibly the first casualty of the war. One of the most notable events in Abbeville history happened when Varina Davis, wife of the Confederate president Jefferson Davis, arrived on April 18, 1865, followed shortly by a wagon train carrying the remainder of the Confederate treasury. For twelve days she was a guest of former congressman Armistead Burt, a family friend. On May 2, two days after she left Abbeville, her husband arrived with his remaining cabinet members and elements of five brigades of cavalry. Davis held the last “war cabinet” meeting in Abbeville, where the decision was made to abandon armed resistance to Union forces. Thus, as host to the “Secession Hill” gathering and the final meeting of the Confederate cabinet, Abbeville claims to be “the cradle and grave of the Confederacy.”

John C. Calhoun

John C. Calhoun

Most of the antebellum wealth of Abbeville disappeared with the emancipation of its slaves. Fires in the 1870s destroyed many antebellum houses and did permanent damage to public buildings and public records. In the 1890s, however, the town experienced an economic recovery, as Abbeville applauded the arrival of the Georgia, Carolina and Northern Railroad (which later became the Seaboard Air Line). The Abbeville Cotton Mill Company was organized three years later and commenced operations in 1897. The Seaboard later chose Abbeville to locate its shops for maintaining rail lines between Hamlet, North Carolina, and Atlanta, Georgia.

In the twentieth century Abbeville created an industrial park that attracted medium-sized industries and for the duration of the 1970s and 1980s the town became best known for the restoration of its public square and opera house, which attracted tourists to peruse Abbeville’s antique shops and admire its well-preserved architecture.

The Guardianship of Dennis Marion Barnhill

Horry County Court House

Horry County Court House


The State of South Carolina, } County of Horry }

Know All Men by These Presents, That we Corine Barnhill Moore as principal and Hubert Frederick Moore as Surety are holden and firmly bound unto H. E. Blanton Judge of Probate for the County of Horry in the full and just sum of One Hundred and No/100 ($100.00) Dollars, to be paid to the said H. E. Blanton or his successors, Judges of Probate of this County, or to their certain Attorney or Assigns. To which payments well and truly to be made, we bind ourselves and every of us, our and every of our Heirs, Executors and Administrators, for the whole, and in the whole, jointly and severally, firmly by these presents Sealed with our Seals and dated the 2nd day of Ocober in the year of our Lord one thousand nine hundred and forty-four and in one hundred and sixty-ninth year of American Independence.

The Condition of this Obligation is such, That if the above bounden Corine Barnhill Moore Guardian of the Person and Estate of Dennis Marion Barnhill do and shall carefully and handsomely bring up the said Dennis Marion Barnhill during minority and nonage, with necessary meat, drink, washing, lodging, apparel and learning, according to his degree, and shall during the time the said Corine Barnhill Moore shall be guardian and tutor unto the said Dennis Marion Barnhill defend him from hurt of body, loss of goods and lands, so far as in her power lieth, and such portions as shall fal due unto the said Dennis Marion Barnhill of the goods and chattels of any person whatsoever, according to the inventory, or by any other way whatsoever, shall deliver and pay unto the said Dennis Marion Barnhill when he shall come of age to receive the same by law. And if it happens that the said Dennis Marin shall die before the time, then if the said Corine Barnhill Moore do contract and pay the portions and other rights of the said Dennis Marion Barnhill to whom the law shall appoint the same to be paid, or who, by proximity of blood ought to have it. And shal also render a true and perfect account upon the tuition to her granted, when thereunto required; and also save and keep harmless the above named Judge of Probate, and all other Officers and Ministers under him, for or by reason of granting the said Letters of Guardianship, that then the above obligaton to be void and of noneffect, or else remain in full force and virtue.

Signed, Sealed and Delivered In The Presence of Bettie C. Jordan H. E. Blanton Corine Barnhill Moore (L.S.) Principal Hubert Frederick Moore (L.S.) Surety

The State of South Carolina, } County of Horry }

Personally appeared Hubert Frederick Moore surety to the within Guardian Bond, who maketh oath that he is bona fide possessed of, interest in, or entitled to an Estate, Real or Personal, or both, to the amount of One Hundred and no/100 ($100.00) Dollars, in his own right, exclusive of all debts and liabilities, to, for, or on account of any person or persons whomsoever.

Hubert Frederick Moore Sworm to before me this 2nd day of October 1944 H. E. Blanton Notary Public for S.C.

State of South Carolina County of Horry

Estate of Dennis Marion Barnhill, Minor Guardian Bond Book Of Letters of Guardianship and Guardian Bond Book ‘4’ Page 35, October 2, 1944. H. E. Blanton Probate Judge

The State of South Carolina } County of Horry } In The Probate Court Ex. Parte Dennis Marion Barnhill In Re, the Estate of Petition for Letters of Guardianship Dennis Marion Barnhill for Minor Over Fourteen Years of Age, Minor and Order Thereon.

To H. E. Blanton, Probate Judge of said County: The petition of Dennis Marion Barnhill of the County and State aforesaid, respectfully shows to this Court:    1. That your petitioner is a resident of the County of Horry, State of South Carolina and is a minor male child over fourteen years of age; that Dennis Marion Barnhill will be 18 years of Age on the 8th of Ocober, 1944 and has no general or testamentary guardian.    2. That your Petitioner desires to enlist in the United States Navy and is in need of a Guardian for this purpose and that to protect and preserve the legal rights of your petitioner, it is necessary that some proper person should be appointed the Guardian of his person and estate during his minority.    3. Your petition, therefore, nominates, subject to the approbation of this Court Corine Elizabeth Barnhill Moore, who is a sister of your petitioners to be such guardian, and prays her appointment accordingly, and your petitioner will ever pray.

Dennis Marion Barnhill Conway, S.C. October 2, 1944

State of South Carolina County of Horry

Personally appeared Dennis Marion Barnhill who, being duly sworn, says that the facts stated in the foregoing petition are true.

Sworn to and subscribed before me this 2 day of October, 1944 Dennis Marion Barnhill B. E. Blanton (.S.) Notary Public for S.C.

Consent of Person to be Appointed

I, Corine Barnhill Moore, of the County of Horry, State of South Carolina, consent to be appointed the guardian of the person and estate of the within named minor during said minor’s minority.

Conway, S.C. October 2, 1944 Corine Barnhill Moore Rt. #2, Conway, S.C.

Order for Letters of Guardianship

In the matter of the person and estate of Dennis Marion Barnhill

On reading and filing the foregoing petition, and it appearing that the facts stated therein are true, and Corine Barnhill Moore having filed her bond in due form of law, with sureties approved by this Court; it is,

Ordered that the said Corine Barnhill Moore be appointed the guardian of the person and estate of the minor mentioned in the foregoing petition until he shall arrive at the age of twenty-one years, and that Letters of Guardianship issue accordingly.

Conway, South Carolina, this 2 day of October 1944 H. E. Blanton Judge of Probate

Box No. 110 Package No. 9 State of South Carolina County of Horry In the Probate Court Ex Parte; Dennis Marion Barnhill Petitioner. In Re, the Estate of Dennis Marion Barnhill Minor Petition For Leters of Guardianship for Minor Over Fourteen Years of Age, Consent of Person to be Appointed and Order For Letters of Guardianship. Filed this 2nd day of October 1944 Recorded in Book of Petitions & Orders “B” at page 50 H. E. Blanton, Probate Judge.