Where Are You From?

Dad Schoo 7th Gradel 12 yo

My Dad (middle in overalls) & classmates

Whenever we think about where we came from most people think about where they were born or where they grew up as a child. When I was asked where I was from, I would say Columbia, SC of course. That’s where I grew up, but after I started getting involved with genealogy research I had a different perspective. It was about 1992 when I first began to have an interest of knowing who my ancestors were and where they had lived and after a visit to the South Carolina History & Archives where I came across a couple of books in their gift shop covering the history of Marion and Horry Counties.


Thumbing through the pages I came across surnames of my father and mother, this intrigued me so I began to do some digging. I knew my ancestors had had resided in each of these counties, so I decided to research both books to see if I could find a connection. What I found were many surnames that matched my ancestors and my first thought was “wow, what if these are some of my ancestors.” My problem was that I didn’t know anything about my family beyond my great grandparents. Now I wanted know more about ALL my ancestors but how would I ever find out more about my family.

Scan_20170620 (10)

My Grandmother & Uncle



Before my Grandmother died she was able to write down a great deal of information about her side (Lawrimore formerly Lowrimore) of the family. There is an interesting story about the spelling of my Grandmother’s maiden name, I was told by a William Lowrimore (now deceased) who at the time was in his 80’s shared with me how the spelling of the name changed. In the early 1900’s the Lowrimores lived in Marion County (Britton Neck area) and there was a disagreement about where a family member was to be buried. It seems that the family member was to be buried on the family land but the family member who owned the land would not allow the person to be buried on the land. So, the deceased was buried elsewhere and thus started the family feud, several members of the Lowrimore family left Marion County and moved to Horry County near the Pawley Swamp area and changed their last name to Lawrimore.

I was able to find out from my Grandmother a good bit about her father Richard Avant Lawrimore (owned over 1,000 acres in Horry County), his two wives who were sisters, and all of her father’s brothers. Through my research I have found my mother’s side (Bellamy) came from France and England to South Carolina in the mid 1600’s.

Grandma Sallie Holding Me

My Great-Grandmother holding me early 1956.

The Lawrimore’s came from Ireland, but the interesting part about my Rabon ancestors is that I’m not sure if I’m actually a Rabon. You see from what I have been able to gather up to this point is my Great-Grandfather was illegitimate.


There are times when genealogy research can bring about frustration and can be disappointing when you search a record, but the name you’re looking for isn’t there. But, when you find those family connections or answers you were looking for the search becomes even more gratifying.

So, Where are you from?

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