This list was taken from the Horry County, SC Deed Book C-1 CONVEYANCES 1811-1837, 1849

1 Atlantic Coast Lumber Co. Bill of sale & assignment. Special Master and others. Samuel Norris Purchaser [Book RR Page 500, 7 Sep 1903] Indenture, George H. Moffitt, Special Master, first part, Freeman S. Forr, Alfred P. Thom & Edward J. Hawthorne, Receivers of ACL, second part, ACL, third part, Samuel Norris, purchaser, 4th part. $50,000 and assumption of outstanding debts. S/all parties. W/Charles Mac Veagh, Allen Wardwell.

19 Samuel Norris to Atlantic Coast Lumber Corporation. [Book RR, p. 520] Bill of sale and assignment. $1 and other valuable considerations. All assets conveyed in Masters sale. 20 Aug 1903 W/Hall Park McCullough, Vivian Spencer.

27 Jane Cawsey, Senior, widow, to Josiah Lewis. $400. 2000 acres purchased by Zebedee & Owen Causey from Josiah Lewis 13 Jan 1807. 24 May 1814. w/Owen Causey, Samuel Lewis. S/ Jane (x) Causey.

28 Statement by John Beaty, Senr, and John Mishoe Senr that they witnessed conveyance of title to land on Brown Swamp that Zebedee & Owen Causey purchased from Josiah Lewis. 30 Dec 1816.

29 Moses Barker, Senr. L/a to son Moses Barker, Junior. 100 acres (upper part of 200 acre tract sold by Absalom Sessions to Moses Barker, part of 900 acres sold by James & Thomas Atkins to Jacob Volk, Jr.) on SE side of Kingston Lake Sw. 20 Nov 1816. S/Moses (x) Barker. W/John Durant, Thomas Durant. AFF. Thomas Durant, Jr. 27 Sep 1817. Recd 13 Oct 1817.

30 Moses Barker. Senr. L/a to son-in-law Robt. Anderson, dau. Mary Anderson, his wife. 100 acres (lower part of 200 acres, see above] SE side Kingston Lake Sw. 20 Nov 1816. S/Moses (x) Barker. W/ John Durant, Thomas Durant. Aff. Thomas Durant 27 Sep 1817. Recd 13 Oct 1817. 31 N. Dennis. Stock mark: swallowfork in each ear and underbit in one ear. 13 Oct 1817. S/N. Dennis. Recd 13 Oct 1817.

John Paul. Stock mark: swallowfork and underbit in each ear. 13 Oct 1817. S/ John (x) Paul. Recd 13 Oct 1817.

Abraham King, Snr. of Georgetown District to James Prince. ____ Pounds Sterling. 100 acres on Pleasant Meadows Sw. (granted to John Edwards 24 Jun 1793) S/ Abraham King, Esther King. W/ Isaac Skipper, Abraham King. Aff. Abraham King, Jr. 7 May 1794. Recd 13 Oct 1817.

32 James Prince and Ruth Prince. $125. Quitclaim to Nicholas Prince, Senr. Tract on Pleasant Meadow, surv. for John Edwards. 24 Apr 1801. S/ James (x) Prince, Ruth R. Prince. W/ Rd. Todd, John Smithart. Aff. Rd. Todd 30 Jul 1801. Recd 13 Oct 1817.

33 James Smith, surveyor of Brunswick Co., NC, to Nicholas Prince of Prince George Parish, Kingston Dist., SC. 17 pounds sterling. 169 acres (gr. to James Smith 2 Jul 1787) in Georgetown Dist., bd. SE by William King, other by vacant lands S/ James Smith. W/ Wm. (x) Davis, James (x) Prince. Aff. James (x) Prince 25 Aug 1791. Recd. 13 Oct 1817.

34 William Richardson, Sen. to Richard Singleton. $150. 575 acres (gr. to Josiah Lewis 4 Jul 1803) lying on NE side of Little Pee Dee River in Gunters Islands on Millers Grave Sw, Boggy Sw, Blacks Bluff. 26 May 1817. S/ William Richardson. W/ Robert R. Sessions, A. Jordan, Jr. Aff: Robert R. Sessions 26 May 1817. Dower: Mary (x) Richardson, wife of William Richardson. 2 Jun 1817. Recd. 13 Oct 1817.

36 Charity Reynolds. Deed of gift for l/gw/a to dau. Annis Reynolds. $200. 14 Oct 1817. S/ Charity Reynolds. W/ Samuel (x) Causey, Isham Reynolds. Aff: Isham Reynolds 13 Nov 1817. Recd. 13 Nov 1817.

37 Robt. Daniel to John B. Watson of NC. Mortgage for $300, due 1 Nov 1817. One negro man named G. Buss, about 25. 22 May 1817. S/ R. Daniel. W/ Wm. D. Bryan, J. P.

Promissory note R. Daniel to John B. Watson $300. 22 May 1817. Promissory note R. Daniel to John B. Watson $10.50. 22 May 1817. Aff: Wm. D. Bryan 14 Jun 1817.

38 Amelia Hankins to Robert Daniel, Jr. $400. Negro man Sam. 14 Oct 1815. S/ Amelia Hankins. W/ John Bessent, Jr. Aff: John Bessant, Junr., All Saints Parish. 17 Oct 1815. Assigned to Joseph Watts. __ Sep 1817. Recd. 21 Nov 1817.

Charles Skipper to John Mains. $25. 100 acres (part of tract of 500 acres gr. to Charles Skipper ;7 Jul 1?00. 14 Oct 1817. S/ Charles Skipper. W/ John (x) Lamb, Sory (x) Redman. Recd 18 Dec 1817. Aff: John Lamb 10 Dec 1817.

39 John Beaty, Sheriff, to Richard Singleton. $25. 300 acres [Josiah Collins’ old field in Socastee], sold for debt to William Johnston of $30 plus $6.15 ¾, damage & costs). 3 Oct 1814. S/ John Beaty. W/ John B. Conway, Henry Durant. Aff: John B. Conway 2 Feb 1815. Recd. 21 Dec 1817.

41 Spicey Thompson to John Thompson. $125. 375 acres (part of gr. of 1,000 acres to John Cox, 1792, on Buck Creek Sw.), bd. by Ann Cox, John Thompson, Olivers Camp Branch, Stephen Faircloth. 20 Feb 1818. S/ Spicey (x) Thompson. W/ James G. Cochran, Edward G. Conner. Aff: Edward G. Conner 9 Mar 1818. Recd. 10 Mar 1818.

42 James Barnhill to Linnell & Winslow of Mass. Mortgage for $130 on 253 acres and livestock due 25 Dec 1818. 30 Mar 1818. S/ James (x) Barnhill. W/ James Edge, Elijah Crosby. Aff: James Edge 30 Mar 1818. Recd. 6 Apr 1818.

43 Reuben Tomkins to brother William Tomkins. L/gw. [Livestock]. 15 May 1809. S/ Reubin Tomkins. W/ Samuel Lewis, Susannah Lewis, Elizabeth (x) Tomkins. Aff: Samuel Lewis 1 Apr 1818. Recd 13 Oct 1818.

44 Magdilena Larymore to dau. Duesdemoney Larymore. L/a/gw. 139 acres on which she resides on Socastee, plus [livestock and household goods]. __ ___ 1818. S/ Magdelena (x) Larymore. W/ Philip Elkes, James Holmes. Aff: Philip Elkes 24 Oct 1818. Recd. 29 Oct 1819.

Matthias Vaught, Jr. to son John Vaught. L/a. [Livestock, household & kitchen furniture]. 12 Oct 1818. S/ Matthias Vaught. W/ John Thompson, Jordan (x) Hughs. Aff: John Thompson 14 Nov 1818. Recd. 20 Nov 1818.

46 Nathaniel Bell of Jefferson Co., GA. to John Bellamy, Jr. $350. 247 acres on Little River (formerly owned by Alexander Dunn, decd.) bd. by John Bellamy, Little River, Atlantic Ocean and marsh (formerly owned by Alexander Dunn; his widow Hannah, now Hannah Bell, wife of Nathaniel Bell, and Alexander and Horace Dunn, inf. sons, dying without issue intestate). S/ Natha_l_ Bell. W/ Richard Green, Sr., Wm. Gore. Aff. Wm. Gore 18 Nov 1818. Recd 20 Nov 1818.

47 James Altman, Sr. to John Maining. $100. 100 acres (orig. gr. to Martha Jayroe 2 Jul 1792) on NE side Little Pee Dee River on Dwights Sw. 30 Oct 1818. S/ James (x) Altman. W/ S. G. Singleton, Isaac Ludlam. Recd. 20 Nov 1818.

48 Drury Pitman to Benjamine Dorman. $40. 150 acres (part of tract gr. to Hardy Garrett 7 Aug 1797) on Howton Branch, Cow Camp Branch. 19 Mar 1813. S/ Drury Pitman. W/ John C. Grainger, John McPherson. Aff: John C. Grainger 11 Oct 1815. Recd 20 Nov 1818

49 George B. Smith and Charity, his wife. Separation and divorce. 17 Apr 1819. S/ George B. Smith, Charity (x) Smith. W/ R. R. Sessions, Joseph Sessions.

50 Thomas S. King & Maria King, his wife, marriage agreement; Silvius Sweet, trustee. 400 acres, bd. by David Durant, Joseph Durant, James Singleton, bethel Durant & John Durant, plus [slaves, livestock, and property of Henry Durant, minor, son of Maria King by previous marriage. 22 May 1823. S/ Thomas S. King, Maria King, Silvius Sweet. W/ Henry Durant, Martha Durant. Aff: Henry Durant 6 Jun 1823.


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