Horry County PLEADINGS AND JUDGMENTS 1804-1808

You never know what you find when you start doing research.

Any of your ancestors on this list?   I found a couple of mine.


aff. affidavit bd. bounded
l/a love and affection l/a/gw love, affection, good will
recd. recorded rect. receipt
PS probate statement S/ signed


James Bone vs William Jordan. Judgment 2 May 1804

Adms. Of Henry Clark [Richard Green & John Clark] vs. Hannah Clark & Maria Clark, a minor [William Hemingway, guardian] Division of property. Heirs: John Clark, Masters Hankins and Mary his wife] Commissioners appointed: Thomas Fearwell, Benjamin Gause, Henry Durant, Anthony Pawley & William Waller. Judgment signed 10 May 1804.

Robert Conway vs Thomas Dawsey. Slander, filed 1 Nov 1802, judgment for Conway 28 Jul 1804.

Archd. Taylor vs David Anderson. Trespass. Filed 8 Aug 1804. Judgment for plaintiff 18 Dec 1804.

Thomas Grainger vs Joseph Graham. Trespass. Filed 4 Feb 1803; judgment for Graham 6 Jan 1805.

Willliam Russ Junr vs John Graham Filed 4 Jun 1802, suit re cattle, Graham found not guilty. 6 Jan 1805.

Josias W. allston [exec. of est. of Daniel Morral] vs Thomas Hughes [Jr.] Debt. Filed 5 May 1804, judgment for Allston 23 Jan 1805.

Noah Lee vs Samuel Willson & John Green. Trespass [debt] filed 5 May 1804, judgment for plaintiff 23 Jan 1805.

Robert Livingston vs James Prince. Trespass [assault] filed 6 May 1804, judgment for Prince 16 Feb 1805.

Thomas Dawsey vs Joseph Jenkins. Trespass [libel] filed 16 Feb 1805, judgment for Dawsey 3 Jun 1805.

Mary McCoy vs John Bellamee, Junr. Assault, filed 18 Feb 1805, judgment for plaintiff 3 Jun 1805.

Cynthia Hardwick [widow of Aaron Hardwick] vs Jas. Charin and wife and others [land of Aaron Hardwick, decd. [1799] Ch: Nancy, wife of Daniel Fain, Martha, minor, Cathrine, wife of Jeremiah Baxter, Mary, wife of Joseph Charin, all living in NC. Suit for 1/3 of estate. Commissioners: Richard Green, Sr., Joseph Cox, James Woodward. Order 22 Oct 1804. Division signed 18 Mar 1805.

Cynthia Hardwick vs. Jeremiah Baxter & wife & others. Judgment for costs. 3 Jun 1805. John Kenny and Mary, his wife [late Mary Sutton, admx. of John Sutton, decd.] vs S. Owen Rees & Cathrine, his wife, extx of John Jacob Geiger, decd. Debt, incl. note of Reub Ley, judgment for Kenny 4 Jun 1805.

William Tilly & wife vs Thos. Fearwell, guardian of Eliz’th, John & William Wilson, minors. Writ for partition of estate of Alexander J. Wilson. Commissioners Richard Green, Senr., Benjamine Gause, John Durant, Geeorge Durant & William Waller. Heirs: William Tilley & Martha, his wife, Elizabeth, Margaret Wilson, John Alexander & William, minors. 1/3 for Martha. Order 22 Oct 1804. Division 21 Jun 1805. Judgment 22 Jan 1806

Joseph Cannon Grainger & Susanna, his wife vs Moses Harrelson, admr. of John Lewis, decd [1803] Writ of partition 22 Mar 1805. Heirs: John Cannon Grainger & wife Susanna, Ann, wife of Moses Harrelson, siste, Mable [decd] wife of Arthur Herring, sister and her three children: John, Elizabeth & Susanna [last actually a sister of John Lewis] Commissioners: William Norton, William Strickland, John Hallam & Josiah Lewis. Judgment signed 22 Jan 1806.


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