South Carolina Tenth Regiment Field and Staff


South Carolina Tenth Regiment

The 10th Regiment, South Carolina Infantry was organized in August 1861 for twelve months, but some of the companies appear to have been disbanded and others were added at various times until the regiment was finally composed of twelve companies. The men were from the Georgetown, Horry, Marion, Charleston, and Williamsburg Districts. It was reorganized for the war in May 1862 and temporarily consolidated with the 19th Regiment South Carolina Infantry (September 1863 to April 1864). This regiment formed six companies of the consolidated organization but each company of the original regiments was mustered separately. The 10th and the 19th Regiments, South Carolina Infantry were again consolidated about April 10, 1865, and formed the Walker’s Battalion, South Carolina Infantry. The unit served with the Army of Tennessee and surrendered on April 26, 1865


  • A. M. Manigault   Promoted Brigadier-General. Wounded at Battle of Franklin, Tennessee, December 1864.
  • James F. Pressley   Wounded and disabled, Atlanta, July 22, 1864.


Lieutenant – Colonels

  • James F. Pressley   Promoted Colonel.
  • Julius Porcher   Killed at the Battle of Missionary Ridge. November 25, 1863.
  • C. lrvine Walker   Wounded at the Battle of Atlanta. July 28, 1864, and Kinston, North Carolina



  • A. J. Shaw   Not re-elected reorganization, 1962.
  • Julius Porcher   Promoted Lieutenant-Colonel.



  • Captain C. Irvine Walker   Promoted A. A. G., and afterwards appointed Lieutenant -Colonel.
  • Lieutenant Louis R. Stark   Wounded at Battle of Franklin, Tennessee December 1864.



  • Captain B. H. Wilson   Resigned. ill Health.
  • Captain J. Stoney Porcher   Promoted Brigade Quartermaster.



  • Captain T. N. Britton   Resigned. ill health.
  • Captain S. E. Lucas   Promoted Brigade Commissary.



  • P. P. Bonneau   Resigned. ill health.
  • T. P. Bailey


Assistant Surgeons

  • J. P. Cain   Resigned. Afterwards Vol. A. D. C. Gen. Manigault.
  • C. H. Tibeaux
  • J.W. Graham



  • Lieutenant LeGrand Shaw   Wounded at Battle of Atlanta, Georgia July 28th and disabled.



  • W. T. Capers   Resigned. ill health.
  • John G. Richards (his son, John G. Richards, served as the Governor of South Carolina from 1927-1931)

Sergeant – Majors

  • W. E. Huger   Promoted A. D. C. General Manigault. wounded, Atlanta, July 28, 1864.
  • Alexis McNulty



Quartermaster – Sergeants

  • G. F. B. Leighton   Discharged. over age.
  • George R. Congdon


Commissary – Sergeants

  • R. F. Kimball
  • H. Kaminski


Hospital Steward

  • W. S. Nurse


Color Sergeant

  • H. Sham   Promoted Lieutenant Company M.


Ordnance Sergeants

  • J. H. Johnson   Promoted Lieutenant and Brigade Ordinance Officer.
  • 0. J. Butts   Transferred to Government Armory.
  • J. W. Tarbox



  • C. W. Mallory
  • W. J. Bailey



  • S. J. Nesmith   Detached. Brigade Headquarters.
  • C. R. Anderson   Discharged. under age.
  • D. A. Williams   Returned to Co.
  • E. J. Wiggins   Returned to Co.
  • S. S. Britton


Company A: The Georgetown Rifle Guards

Company B: Brooks Guards

Company C: Lake Swamp Volunteers

Company D: Marion Volunteers1

Company E: Black Mingo Rifle Guards

Company F: Pee Dee Rangers

Company G: Horry Rough and Ready’s

Company H: Liberty Volunteers

Company I: Swamp Fox Guards

Company K: Eutaw Volunteers

Company L: Liberty Guards

Company M:

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