Discovering Your South Carolina Roots

William Rabon (1788-1854) Family Will

William Rabon was a War of 1812 Veteran, William Rabon served as Private in Capt. Alston’s & Gasque’s 3rd Regiment, SC Militia, War of 1812. William was born in Cool Springs area of Horry County, SC. He died in Cool Springs and is buried at Cool Springs Southern Methodist Church Cemetery.

William Rabon, Sr.
Unknown mother

Mary Hucks Rabon b. 1804 died between 1860 & 1870.

George H. Rabon 1820- unknown
Isaiah Rabon 1821-1914 (Served in CSA)
William. Rabon III 1823-unknown
Mary E. Ann Rabon Jones 1832-unknown
Daniel H. Rabon 1834-1904 (Served in CSA)
Jeremiah Rabon 1837-1864 (Killed in Action during Civil War)
David Rabon 1839-1912 (Served in CSA)

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