Discovering Your South Carolina Roots

Death Certificate Error

When searching for ancestors it’s always good to locate a death certificate but when you do find it don’t always count on it being correct even though it is a legal document.

Perfect example is the death certificate I came across while search my Richardson side of my family. I located a Wesley H. Richardson, when I looked at the death certificate the death date and parents matched my information.

While I was looking at the cause of death what caught my eye had me doing a double take. Instead of his sex being listed as male it had him listed as a female.

Wesley H Richardson

I have searched hundreds of death certificates and this the first one that I found that had the deceased the wrong gender.  Even though death certificates can bring us a gold mine of information you still need to look them over and confirm the information.


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  1. I find errors in Death Certificates all the time! Even my father’s is mildly incorrect (my mistake too). One does get wonky when a loved one dies. Happens all the time. I just found one for here in Pierce County, Georgia, that the DC had the lady listed as “Mrs. W. L. Bullard”. In the spot where her mother should be listed, it had her maiden name! That’s really sloppy work. At least I had her grave site corrected on FindAGrave so her family can find her. This kind of mistake sure is common, though.


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