Discovering Your South Carolina Roots

“Angel of Marye’s Heights”

While visiting family several years ago in Fredericksburg, VA we visited the Fredericksburg Battlefield. It was such a heart-rending experience to look over the battlefield visualizing the men who died during those five days (Dec. 11-Dec. 15, 1862), over 1,600 men died along with over 13,00 who were wounded.

While walking around I came across a memorial of  a man named Richard Kirkland, Kirkland was 19 years oldRichard Kirkland Monument from Kershaw County, SC and was serving in the 2nd S.C. Volunteers of the Confederate States of America.



Sergeant Richard Kirkland 


During the night Kirkland went over the wall that separated the Confederate and Union Armies to take water to the wounded Union soldiers.


As we remember all those who died from the Revolutionary War through the current day, we also need to remember those who risked their lives to help others. Even those whop were on the opposite side.

Here is a short video of the events that occurred in December 1862.

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