About Palmetto Past

Like me I know many of you have wondered who your ancestors were and where they were from. I was born in Williamsburg County and my parents were born in (Horry County) Conway & Myrtle Beach. As I got older I began having an interest in my family tree, I knew who my grandparents were but I wanted to know more. 

I asked my parents the names of their grandparents, 30 years later I have discovered hundreds of my ancestors and have over six thousand individuals to my family tree. Over the years I have discovered photos I had never seen before, walked through cemeteries located in the middle of the woods, and have spoken to many people from around the country who I fond out are my cousins. If you have a passion for learning more about your past please contact me and allow me to help you discover your family history.

My research fees are very affordable and are fixed to meet the needs of each individual. 

You can contact me by phone 803-351-5476 or email alrabon1956@gmail.com